Personal attention

Personal attention

>>> Information, schedule and place of the offices of attention presencial

In the offices of personal attention these services are offered:

  • Municipal general information
    • To facilitate the corresponding printed matter for the requests to the Town hall.
    • To indicate the citizens where the dependences are to proceed with its requests.
    • To give all kinds of municipal information.
  • Municipal fiscal information
    • To give municipal fiscal information
    • To autoliquidate [1] permissions of works, opening of establishments, occupations of the public route, shallows, taxis, etc
    • To autoliquidate the tax of vehicles of new registration.
  • General registration
    • To register requests for activities, works, occupation of the public route, certificates, allegations and resources directed to the Town hall of Palma and in any other public administration. [2]
  • Registration certificates
  • Residence certificates (to travel)
  • Citizen card
  • Register and changes of domicile in the municipal Electoral roll with previous appointment. Unsubscribe, periodic renewals of the inscriptions of not community foreigners and other municipal register formalities without previous appointment. It is possible to request a previous appointment by the web, call 010 ( 14 pm to 23 pm) or in the OAC.
  • Notifications delivery
  • Office of cross-check of the persons' accreditation to get the digital certificate.

[1] Payment possibility by credit card.
[2] Nevertheless, there is a series of writings that cannot appear in the registration offices of the Town hall of Palma, as they can be: the anonymous writings, the writings directed to certain organisms(Constitutional court, general Council of the Judiciary, Court of Accounts, courts and courts, General Spanish Parliament, legislative assemblies of the autonomous regions; Defender of the People and Defender of the Minor; Registry office, Mercantile Record and Property docket; agrarian cameras and of commerce; universities not linked to the State; professional schools, or State Society of Post office and Telegraphs, SA), claims to the Electoral Board, applications for registration in the Central Register of Foreigners; applications for residence card for family members of a Union citizen, or initial temporary residence permits and paid employment (yes you can collect renewals of such permits).

Date last modified: December 13, 2023