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The agricultural lands contained in the municipality of Palma have traditionally been both the source of our food supply and the foundation for the local landscape. However, these areas are becoming increasingly scarce as intensive agricultural models have replaced traditional quality agricultural practises and have led to the degradation of the landscape, the soil and the natural resources.

The result of this is that these areas are now under serious threat due to the progressive rejection of traditional agricultural methods, the decrease in rural diversity, urban speculation and the proliferation of infrastructures.

That said, access to this 'common property' has not been made easy, due to the lack of land price control, the high level of initial investment required, the lack of recognition given to agricultural practises and the intensification of these, the apprehensiveness of landowners with regard to leasing property, the lack of relevant training beyond the compulsory, the lack of agricultural experience and culture among the younger generations and the public in general, and so forth. The reversal of the degradation of the Palma rural environment through the promotion of both agricultural uses and the natural landscape itself constitutes an investment in the future that also contributes to an improvement in quality of life for the local residents.

Date last modified: May 30, 2023